Solve Indoor Air Quality Problems

Enhanced comfort, health, protection and energy savings - that's what we mean by "Indoor Air Quality."

In the past, heating and cooling was all about just that: what the systems did. Today, the Aprilaire "Indoor Air Quality" focus puts the emphasis on the benefits you get.

Too much humidity and you feel either hot and sticky or cold and clammy. Too little humidity and you're faced with itchy, dry skin and annoying static shocks. Aprilaire humidifiers and dehumidifiers take care of these uncomfortable situations by regulating your home's humidity to comfortable and healthy levels year-round.

The quality of your indoor air has a lot more to do with your family's health than you might think. Airborne contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, mold, bacteria and viruses can lead to everything from minor sinus irritations to severe health complications. Fortunately, Aprilaire has a variety of whole-house air cleaning and ventilation solutions that can remove potentially harmful contaminants from the air in every room of your home.

Protection and Preservation
The effects of too much or too little humidity are easy to see. Wallpaper peels, wood cracks or warps, mold and mildew can grow unchecked. Aprilaire whole-home solutions not only treat these challenges, but can eliminate them permanently, protecting and preserving your home and valuable belongings.

Energy Savings
One of the most challenging issues that continually face homeowners - high energy bills. Did you know that whole-home indoor air quality products can help? One example: improper humidity levels can make you feel too cold in winter (causing you to turn up the heat) or too hot in the summer (causing unnecessary air conditioning use). By equalizing your home's humidity with the combination of an Aprilaire home humidifier and dehumidifier you can actually save energy over time.

There are other ways Aprilaire products can help you save on your energy costs from programmable thermostats, zoning your home with a Zoned Comfort Control system and keeping your heating and cooling system running at peak efficiency with an Aprilaire high efficiency air cleaner. And the best part? They all work silently, invisibly and automatically every day of the year.

Whatever your Indoor Air Quality problem - asthma, allergies, air that's too humid or too dry or hot and cold spots - Aprilaire has a whole-house solution designed to solve it once and for all, and in every room of your home