McClaren Heating & Air Conditioning handles a variety of Air Purification/Air Cleaning products.  Air cleaners, or air purifiers, are designed to remove indoor pollutants and particulates.  When these products first came out, they were mostly referred to as air cleaners but now the term “air purifiers” is more common.

Having air purifiers are very important for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivity, and other respiratory illnesses.  Studies have shown time and time again that indoor air is far more polluted than the outdoor air. Indoor air pollution is caused by house dust mites, fungi spores, chemicals from cleaning products, carpeting, home furnishings, pets, and much more. Indoor air pollution is particularly unhealthy for babies, children, and the elderly. Because of indoor air pollution, there has been a dramatic rise in the onset of allergies, asthma and chronic illness in recent years.  Air purifiers help to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies and help you sleep better at night. It is more difficult to breathe at night because your respiratory system slows down.  That’s why it is important to have an air purifier system in your home.
We will help determine an air quality systems that is right for you and will fit into your budget.  Don't hesitate to call us today!